Mock Tests


What Is a Mock Exam?

Most dictionaries define it as “an examination that you take for practice before an important examination.” It is a simulation of the official test that uses the standard structure and helps the candidates to experience and practice the test in advance, helping them assess their abilities before doing the main test; in other words, it’s completely similar to the actual test and is held in a similar condition.

The questions are totally original and are not available in any other test or course books. In fact, doing mock tests is one of the best ideas for every candidate as they can try the exam many times before taking the official one and make sure they are able to beat the test easily.

What is the benefit?

Doing a mock test gives you an idea of your current level, and informs you of your strength or weaknesses; having such feedbacks, you are able to work on your weaknesses and sharpen your skills. It also helps you get rid of your stress; in fact, when you face the test in a similar condition prior to your main exam, you learn how to deal with it. When you know the test better and you have less stress, you are more confident to pass your test successfully.

To put it in a nutshell, a mock exam:

- Prepares you for the test.

- Reduces your stress.

- Increases your self-confidence.

- Updates you with your strength and weaknesses.

- Tells you about your level.

- Is very cheap.

LernLing Mock Tests Benefits

LernLing focuses on the most stressing and challenging part of the test: IELTS SPEAKING. Actually, by using the latest speaking topics of the previous tests, and other common topics, you have the chance to practice and experience a real-like test, and evaluate your performance; after the test simulation, you will receive some feedback on the areas you need to focus more or on the skills you need to sharpen. To summarize:

      - Lernling holds only Speaking tests and is specialized in that.  

      - Tests are available with flexible timing.

      - Test feedback is given to help the candidate know his/her situation.

      - Feedback is given in less than 2 days.

      - Tests are available online.

      - Our IELTS students can have 2 free tests before their main exam.

Speaking Test Structure: Total time: 11-14 min, 3 parts, online.

- Part 1: An Interview with the examiner 4-5 mins

- Part 2: An individual long turn 3-4 mins

- Part 3: A discussion between the examiner and the candidate 4-5 mins 

Take our online speaking classes, or talk cafes to enhance your speaking level. Click here.

Origin and usage

The noun mock, which is short for mock examination, came into use in the second half of the 20th century. It is derived ultimately from the French verb ‘mocquer’. The word “mock” also refers to the idea of copying, or imitating someone or something, usually in a funny way. We can conclude that a MOCK test actually is a fake copy of the original test, which makes it easy and fun or it makes fun of the real test.