LernLing FAQs

What is LernLing website in a nutshell?

It's an educational website which focuses on language learning.

What does Lernling offer?

Lernling offers, different online courses plus some additional educational services like workshops, translation services, language assessment tests.

What are online courses?

Online courses are held via the net using educational platforms; they are available in different formats; one-to-one tutoring, group classes, chat cafe & business English classes.

What's one-to-one tutoring?

It's actually a private class, which is only for one student.

How "Business English" is different from "general English"?

Business English focuses on the language used in business contexts, or business world; it teaches how to communicate in the office, via e-mails or letters.

What is a Chat Cafe?

A chat cafe is actually a discussion class, where you can share your thoughts and communicate with your peers.

Which classes are suitable for improving speaking abilities?

Chat Cafe

Are any of the courses repeated in the future?

Yes, definitely, most courses are provided so often depending on the number of applicants & requests.

Do you provide discounts on your online courses?

Yes, depending on the type of the class, and depnding on some special events, considerable discounts are given.

How do I register in my favorite class?

That's easy, go to the online classes tab, check for your favorite class on the right page, and you'll see the registration key to proceed.

what is the best & the easiest way to contact lernling?

You can reach us via +989352220286 or e-mail us via Lernling2020@gmail.com

What applications are used for on-line classes?

Zoom, Adobe Connect, Skype

Is assessment necessary beforing enrolling a class?

Definitely yes; actually, this helps you choose the right level and avoid further inconvenience for yourself.