LernLing FAQs

What is IELTS test?

It's a standard international test which shows your English language proficiency & is accepted by many countries, universities, or organizations.

Does Lernling provide IELTS tests?

No, for the time being, Lernling holds only pre-IELTS & IELTS Techniques classes to prepare the candidates for the test. It also holds speaking mock tests.

What's a mock test?

A mock test is a fake test you do to see how the real exam is.

What's essay correction?

You write an essay on the given topic, and then you submit it in our website for correction and feedback.

Are IELTS classes different from General English classes?

Yes, Pre-IELTS classes, focus on you general English considering IELTS objectives, and enhance your level technically; in fact, IELTS classes are IELTS skill-based.

How do I know to register in IELTS Techniques classes or Pre-IELTS classes?

You will have an assessment test, and in case your level is lower than B2, you need to enroll in Pre-IELTS classes, suitable to your level based on the given evaluation.

How long does it take to be prepared for IELTS test?

It depends on your General English level; if you have a good level of English, B2 and above, you just need to learn some test techniques & practice the test itself, which takes min of 3 months to reach a high score.

How do I know which test to take? General or Academic?

You should check with the organization or the country you're emigrating to; generally, for working or living abroad, General Training Test is suitable and for post graduate education, Academic test is required.