About Us

What's LernLing All About?

Thank you for dropping in LernLing. LernLing is an educational website with fresh perspectives. In this website, you will have access to a variety of valuable content, along with useful online courses which will help you get ahead in your language learning goals; in fact, having education as its main goal, LernLing aims to boost and facilitate students learning process in acquiring other languages, specifically English Language at this point. It actually provides online educational services, like various learning materials plus different types of classes, meeting the learners’ needs. It will keep updating its features and services to cover all essential and related areas of skills.

LernLing has different features which highlight it as one of the best educational websites; it offers multiple learning solutions, like private tutoring, chat café, sticking to the latest methods; its miscellaneous tools, especially its BLOG, raises your cultural and social awareness and provides you with some insights into the world around, equipping you with the most up-to-the-minute news, events, and at the same time teaching you some words or expressions through the given context.

Here in LernLing, we attempt to have a flexible approach to education; hence, we implement different teaching & learning techniques depending on the learners’ targets. we are very ambitious and have so many amazing plans to enhance the quality of the site and the services to remain unique and serve your needs to the best of our abilities. Here are some of the reasons why you should trust us and choose our website as we offer:

  • up-to-date, informative and valuable content plus fresh educational tips and data.
  • tailored lesson plans, specially designed for each individual or class.
  • additional educational materials, suitable for diverse tastes, starting from General English to Business English.
  • flexible hours to the learners plus possible financial aids to those eligible learners with limited budget. 
  • Consistent and to-the-point content. 
  • Well-educated and dedicated team members who are experts in their fields.

After all, LernLing remains a cozy place for you to master your target languages. Stay tuned and let’s shatter all the language barriers together.

About Our Name

The name LernLing is actually a PUN combining the actual words Learn + Lingos which sounds like the word “learning” since it is a little tricky to pronounce the middle "L". Our Logo also, is a combination of two parallel LLs, that demonstrates an open book which refers to the idea of education.