Chat café

Chat Café

One of the most common problems language learners have is that even if they have quite good knowledge of a language and a wide range of vocabulary but they are unable to use it properly or in the right context, and soon their level falls down; many students also complain that their language speaking skills never improve as expected, because they have no speaking opportunities.

Well, if you’re looking for a cool place to talk and develop your speaking abilities, our chat café is highly recommended, just make sure to save your spot due to class limitations; actually, to make it efficient for you only few numbers of people can attend the classes. Max 8-10 people.

Why a Chat Café? 

Speaking is the final aim of most language learners; most people learn a language to be able to communicate with the world or other people better. Actually, we human beings love to interact with others and we need the right platform to sharpen this ability.

Chat Café or talk Café, provides you with the opportunity to talk and interact with others on different daily topics. It is a great chance to share and exchange your thoughts and ideas in English, which enables you to improve your speaking abilities beside increasing your general knowledge.

Chat café offers you the chance to meet some other people and you may discuss or have a nice chit chat with new individuals. This helps you broaden your knowledge and expand your mindset which leads to better decision making in life, having more creativity, getting better perspectives or opportunities.

If you’re a shy person, or suffer from lack of confidence, this platform helps you work on weaknesses and helps you overcome them by encouraging you to share and talk without worrying if you may sound stupid. 

How are the classes?

The sessions are held in different ways suiting the students’ needs on weekly basis; usually a topic with a discussion date is introduced and the participants join by registering on the due date; topics will be diverse, discussing the latest events happening all over the world. It is not a solo talk, and everybody has to interact. It is held for intermediate and above levels; however, some limited talks will be considered for pre-intermediate students as well. See you are there.   

For the time being, due to the ongoing pandemic all classes are held online, mainly through Zoom & Skype application. 

How do I join the classes?

1. Check the upcoming talks and see which topic interests you best.

2. Check the suitable date & time and make sure you are available.

3. Save your spot by registering in the class. 

4. Attend your class in time and be prepared to share and talk. 


Mondays , 17:00 - 18:00
$ 65 | Rls 500000

Chat Cafe B1

Mondays , 18:15 - 19:15
$ 65 | Rls 6500000

Let's Have a Chit-chat

Wednesday , 18:00 - 19:00
$ 35 | Rls 3500000

Chat Cafe B2

Mondays , 19:30 - 20:30
$ 45 | Rls 6500000