Business English

Business English

Learning a language is not as simple as knowing only its vocabulary and grammar; actually, every language is used differently in diverse situations; for example, the way we talk to our friends, or text to our family members must be totally different from a more formal situation like sending a message to our boss. LernLing offers specific Business courses which are specially designed for anyone who wants to enter the world of business, or is already working in a related industry and is willing to practice and develop their language skills in working-world context.  Click here to see our available courses. 

What is Business English?

To put it simply, business English is the English you need for your job; in other words, it helps you to learn and develop some effective communication skills in your work environment and get better business opportunities. It focuses mainly on the words, the right tone and structure, and communication techniques which are expected in the workplace and can help you interact with others and work more effectively.

Business English is the everyday spoken language plus practical written English used in work situations, such as international trade, commerce, finance, and many other settings, like talking about your job and responsibilities, doing interviews, giving presentations or reports, answering calls, dealing with office problems, sending emails, writing letters, etc. 

Merriem Webster dictionary defines it much simpler: “English as taught in non-English-speaking countries in courses that emphasize its commercial rather than its cultural importance and that are normally designed to produce conversational fluency within a limited vocabulary”

Who is it for?

Business English is suitable for anyone who needs to work in the business world; in fact, if you want to be successful and get ahead in your job, Business English is the right choice for you. Even if your general English is perfect, you still need to learn about practical and effective business communication skills even if you are native speaker; whether you are in-work or pre-work student, don’t doubt it. 

What’s its importance?

It’s important that you communicate with clarity and convey the exact meaning through words, both written and spoken English. Communication is an important part of every business and when you know how to communicate, you benefit more. For example, sending e-mails to your business partners should be different from the ones you send to your clients. Or, it’s very important to know the rules of different formats of letter writings. The more you know, the more powerful you are, as knowledge is power.

What are its benefits?

  • Effective communication - You can communicate more effectively and efficiently with your colleagues, business partners, or clients. It’s very important to be simple, short, clear and to-the point and avoid misunderstanding in your communications. 
  • Successful interviews - You will be more successful in your business interviews; when you make a great first impression in your interview, your chances of getting the job increases. 
  • Better Knowledge of Business - You will have a better grasp of professional language, and focus of general business awareness. 
  • Better Job Opportunity - You can work in multinational companies. Most well-known companies are multilingual, and English is used as the main communication tool.
  • Better Solutions - You learn about possible problems and how to talk about them or deal with them in the business context.

In a nutshell, everyone can benefit from business English as it offers the communication skills used in the workplace, and focuses on the language and skills needed for typical business communication such as, negotiations, correspondence, meetings, interviews, and formal or semi-formal socializing. Click here for our available courses. 


Hopefully, there are a lot of business focused books and also vocabulary books which are specifically designed for business English, covering all skills required for learners. Depending on the class requirements and the student’s need, a main source textbook is introduced and the lessons are created. Our main source books are Market Leader Series, Business Builder, & Total Business. Our online and offline courses are also available here. 

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