Holiday vs Vacation


Holiday vs. Vacation  

In English language there are many words that have similar meaning with different usages which in some cases may cause misunderstandings; in order to use the right word in the right place, it’s necessary to know the differences to avoid any possible confusion or mistakes; for instance, using 'holiday' and 'vacation' instead of each other, is one of the common mistakes; although the differences are slight in meaning, it's essential to learn them.

Differences between 'Holiday' and 'Vacation'

Holiday’ and ‘vacationare very similar in meaning, and are confused so often. The good news is that the two words are somehow the same, with slight differences in usage, and many people use them interchangeably which is understandable to non-native and native ears. But if you know the real meaning and usages, you will be able to use them properly with no worries. Fine, now it's time to dig into their differences: